5 Graduate Degrees That Don’t Pay Off


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5 Graduate Degrees That Don’t Pay Off

5 Graduate Degrees That Don’t Pay Off

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 5 Graduate Degrees That Don’t Pay Off

The system of education is not there to just get some knowledge on something. In today’s world the goal of education is to get some job so that you can earn a living. What worth is it to study something that would not pay you off? People really want to get their jobs as immediately after they get their degrees. Here are some graduate degrees that are not going to return your investment to the best.

Bachelor of meteorology

This is an interesting field of study where you get to study about the meteors and all varieties of them, formation of them, their origin and destruction and all other fascinating things. While the study is very much interesting, it is not worth getting you a regular job somewhere. There are institutions that hire individuals with knowledge in the area of study but you have to have Doctorate in it. Unless you are planning to do further degrees and really get into a serious research and career, this graduate degree is not going to make you enough money.

Bachelor of Social Sciences

Social sciences are the study of societies and people. You will master the skills and get the knowledge about various cultures of people and how they are unique. You will not be unique because there are already too many people with this basic degree but have ended up doing something completely different than what they had studied. If you really want to research about the social mind of the planet and wanted to become a researcher, then you will have to join a research institute. In places where there is not much profit involved, you pay would be less too. If your job has to be high paying, then this is not the degree that you want to select.

Bachelor of Music

People who mistake their love towards music into their ability to learn about music end up doing a Bachelor in Music degree. This gives you an ample insight of music and the history of music. You will get to use much of the music instruments but there are not much jobs available for it. Even if you find a job, you are not going to earn as much as you anticipate. You might teach music at a small school somewhere at the best.

Bachelor of Mass Media Communication

Mass Media Communication is a field of higher paying jobs but it is not this degree that would get you a job in the Mass Media. It is the people have the skills inside and start at lower positions at Mass Media that turn out to rule it. People with a degree in Mass Media would surely end up in studios but not at the positions that they expected the salaries that they wanted.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering was the cream on the cake about two decades ago. Now, computer engineering is a common term. If you did a degree in Computer Engineering, you probably are going to need another degree before you even get a job. There are too many specialized degrees today and the Bachelor of Computer Engineering would not make it.

Select your degree programs wisely to get a better paying job right after your graduation.

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