Supporting Document Fees

Tips to Find a Reputable Online Degree

When you buy a degree from us you can also buy supporting documents.

It is a good idea to purchase them in order to be able to prove the legality and authenticity of the degree in front of the colleagues and employers.

The prices of the supporting documents are listed below:

  • Transcript of records – USD$150
  • Student Record – USD$100
  • Graduation Letter – USD$100
  • Acceptance Letter or Admission Letter- USD$100
  • Reference Letters by Professors – USD$100 each
  • Appreciation Letters – USD$100 each
  • Graduation Gown – USD$550
  • Graduation Cap – USD$250
  • Graduation Hood – USD$150
  • Government Apostille (USD$550)
  • Lawyer Legalization and Certification (USD$450)
  • Embassy Legalization (USD$1250)

Tips to Find a Reputable Online Degree

Tips to Find a Reputable Online Degree

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Tips to Find a Reputable Online Degree

It is important to remember that buying an online degree is an investment in your future and your career. You don’t want to waste your time or money by getting your degree through a dodgy provider. It can be hard to tell on face value which institutions are legitimate and which are just degree mills will little to no regard for their clients or students once they have the money in their pockets. The last thing you want is to list a qualification on your C.V. and have and dismiss your job application on the basis of a degree that is considered to be illegitimate or questionable. But what are the warning signs of a dodgy organisation and the requirements to look for in an accredited organisation?

Scope of accreditation

Whilst not necessarily a problem for all who are looking to buy degrees but a potential pitfall for those looking to use the their qualification in more than one location regional accreditation may mean that your qualification may not be credible outside of that region. Not all accreditation is created equal and you need to ensure that your education provider is nationally or internationally accredited depending on your potential needs. Ensuring you get your degree through an institution with the largest scope of accreditation possible means that you could save yourself potential costs and inconvenience in the long run.

Institutions under Investigation

It almost goes without saying that a degree acquired through an institution that is under investigation will hold less sway with employers. Not only that, but your degree may not be valid if your education institution loses its accreditation. A simple online search can help you figure out if an institution is under investigation.

Fake Accreditation

Degree mills are companies that just exist purely to extort money from hopeful pre graduates. Their accreditation papers are often fake and any degree obtained through institutions like this will be invalid and useless to the recipient in the vast majority of cases. The Department of Education has a list of all accredited education providers operating within the United States so be sure to check with them about the legitimacy of the college or provider you are intending on getting your degree through.

No Accreditation

As strange as it may seem some providers offer university degrees when they are yet to pass there accreditation, or have no intention of becoming accredited. Always avoid these operators as an accreditation that occurs after you begin your degree will not apply to your qualification and it will be effectively meaningless. Why waste all your time and money for nothing?

Ensuring that you are buying your degree through an above board and legitimate organisation is crucial to your future success in your career and future educational pursuits. Always remember to:

  1. Talk to the provider about what they offer
  2. Check for Accreditation
  3. Check the accreditation is valid with the Department of Education
  4. Look for degree reviews and if possible talk to past recipients to ensure the transparency of the organisation

Don’t get caught out from lack of research! Degree mills take your hard earned money and give you nothing in return!

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