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Top 20 Online Degree Accredited Colleges

Q: Are the online degrees accredited?

A: Our online degrees come from accredited universities and they are legal, authentic and accredited. The degrees are accredited by regional agencies and international accredited agencies.

Q: What is the difference of a university degree and a college degree?

A: A college focuses on different majors while a university is a community of different colleges.

Q: Are the online degrees safe and reliable?

A: We confer reliable and internationally recognized degrees. We have plenty of clients globally and we constantly expand our business. We provide lawyer certification and notarization when you purchase a degree online in order to assure you that we are not scam.

Q: How many degrees can I get ?

A: You can get as many degrees as you want, it is important that the degrees are relevant for the field of activity you activate or you plan to activate in the near future.

Q: Can my employer verify my degree?

A: Yes, of course. However, they need to have your consent in order to verify your degree. You should provide your date of birth, full name in the diploma, graduation date, mailing address, degree title and major, and your signature in order to process. Based on the security reason, all the universities in the world will not process without one of the above credentials. This is the universal verification policy.

Q: Can you provide dissertation?

A: We can provide you with dissertation thesis for an extra charge. We can customize the dissertation for you according to your preferences. It will stay in the permanent record of the universities. We need about two months for this service. If you consider this period too long you can buy from an online source.

Q: Can I have my dissertation written on the degree ?

A: The topic of your dissertation will be mentioned in the degree. You should order the transcripts and inform us when you order transcripts that you want the dissertation thesis topic to be mentioned on the degree.

Q: Can you provide legalization?

A: We provide lawyer legalization for the degree.

Q: Can you provide apostille ?

A: We will take you degree for apostille to the government office to sign and stamp.

Q: Can you provide notarization ?

A: We can provide you with notarization. Our lawyer will notarize your degree with stamp and signature


Top 20 Online Degree Accredited Colleges

Top 20 Online Degree Accredited Colleges


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Top 20 Online Degree Accredited Colleges

It’s important when you buy a degree online that you not only pick the right degree but that you go through the right online education provider. Some providers specialise in certain subjects and provide excellent support to online and distance students. Here are some of the best online education providers in the country.

  1. Penn State World Campus – Internationally accredited distance education offered through Pennsylvania State University.
  2. University of Florida Distance Learning – Highly reputable and accredited flexible learning.
  3. UMass Online – Highly specialised and diverse online degrees through the University of Massachusetts.
  4. Boston University – Offering highly reputable and respected degrees online.
  5. Drexel University Online – Widely respected and desirable degrees through this flexible education provider.
  6. Arizona State University Online – Enhance your online learning experience by going through a highly reputable and established university such as Arizona State.
  7. Colorado State University-Global Campus – The online contingent of Colorado State University has established a reputation for highly regarded and flexible online degrees.
  8. Florida State University – Florida State’s experienced team of tutors and professors provide comprehensive online learning.
  9. Washington State University-Global Campus – Online flexible learning powered by the respected academic team at Washington State.
  10. Oregon State University – Oregon state provides easy access to its diverse range of respected degrees through their online program.
  11. Rochester Institute of Technology – Specialised technical degrees offered in a flexible format online. Rochester institute employs some of the best technical tutors in the country to provide flexible adult learning.
  12. Mizzou Online – Accredited and respected adult learning online, with the support of fantastic team of education specialists.
  13. Regis University – In keeping with their reputation Regis University provides high quality prestigious online degrees.
  14. Florida Institute of Technology – Fantastic and comprehensive online learning through their expert tutors and professors. Specialising in technical learning.
  15. Northeastern University Online – Widely respected and flexible degrees through an accredited and experienced education provider.
  16. Liberty University Online – Accredited online learning though a respected Christian University.
  17. Robert Morris University – This respected and experienced institution continues to provide high quality further education and specialised degrees to students across the country.
  18. Walden University – Flexible online learning with educational support from the expert team at Walden University.
  19. University of Minnesota Crookston – This established university based in Minnesota provides some of the best education support and student services for distance leaners in the country.
  20. Northern Arizona University – Take advantage of the wealth of intellectual resources of this respected university from the other side of the country! Northern Arizona’s online learning framework supports distance students and helps them to achieve their goals.

It is important to talk to the tutors or professors that you will be liaising with before enrolling. Find out if the degree you are planning to undertake will meet you expectations and enhance your future career by talking to the university’s career advisor or guidance counsellor. There are a great many quality distance education providers across the country and it is important make sure that you choose the university or college that best meets your needs.

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