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What College Degrees That Get The Most Job Offers?


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What College Degrees That Get The Most Job Offers?

What College Degrees That Get The Most Job Offers?

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What College Degrees That Get The Most Job Offers?

When you are deciding to undertake a degree there are a few things that you may wish to consider.

  • What degree will allow you to pursue a career that interests you?
  • What degree will be most financially rewarding?
  • What degree is in the most demand from employers?

This last point is the one that this article will be focusing on. Which college degrees are most likely to result in a job offer? And what online degrees are likely to impress employers?

3 Degrees that result in over 60% of graduates receiving job offers after completion:

  • Computer Science has a68.7% job offer rate.

This highly sort after degree has employers trying to snap up graduates straight out of college. This degree is great for those students of a technical mindset. It allows tech savvy graduates to apply their knowledge to a whole series of I.T. and computer related jobs with a whole host of different kinds of companies.

  • Economics has a 61.5% job offer rate.

Economics graduates are in high demand due to the specialisation of their discipline and the job opportunities range from high paying cooperate jobs to government and public sector careers.

  • Accounting has a 61.2% job offer rate.

The demand for accountants and the low enrolment and graduation rate of students means that those completing an accounting degree will likely receive job offers straight out of college.

4 Degrees that result in between 59% and 40% of graduates receiving a job offers after completion:

  • Engineering has a 59% job offer rate.

Engineering graduates are in high demand and can be employed in the public and private sector to work on the technical aspects of large projects.

  • Business Administration has a 54.3% job offer rate.

Business administration is an amazingly diverse degree which can allow a graduate to take on a huge variety of business roles. This diversity opens up the job market significantly to graduates.

  • Sociology or Social Work has a 42.5% job offer rate.

With the need for long term social welfare solutions needed around the country social work and sociology graduates are likely to find work within the private and public sector.

  • Mathematics or Statistics has a 40.3% job offer rate

The logistical thinking that a Mathematics or Statistics degree teaches its graduates can be applied to a whole host of job opportunities. Technical, scientific, political and law enforcement careers are just some of the career prospects that can be enhanced by a mathematics or statistics.

Coming in at a respectable rate of 39% to 25% of students receiving job offers upon graduation:

  • Psychology -39.2%
  • History or Political Science- 38.9%
  • Healthcare -37.8%
  • Liberal Arts or Humanities – 36.8%
  • Biology – 35.2%
  • Communications or Journalism – 33.8%
  • English – 33%
  • Environmental Science – 30.5%
  • Education – 28.9%
  • Visual & Performing Arts – 27.8%

This is not to say that the above degrees are not worthwhile. They just have a more competitive graduate to job opportunity rate. This guide is for the United States and varies quite considerably from country to country. For example, in Australia environmental sciences ranks as one of the degree with the highest job offer rate.

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